We're proud of the DRONE SERVICES we offer throughout the UK working closely with our clients. 

Our drone work is like no other......not only do we have 15 years of video production editing under our belt....we also offer the SOUNDS from the sky...check out below.

Some of our previous drone work




12 month progress reports below of the Hilton Hotel in Stockton.

12 month progress report of the MGT Biomass plant at Teessport Middlesbrough. 


Xcyte Media aerial filming equipment has been assessed by The European Unmanned Systems Centre (EuroUSC™) – Europe’s leading independent Light UAS Accreditation Specialist for assessing ‘Airworthiness & Pilot Qualifications’. 

Cancellations & Weather

If the weather isn’t appropriate for aerial filming as previously explained, we won’t charge you if we can rearrange the shoot for another time or, in all probability, another day. In this case, your 25% deposit will be transferred to the new shooting day.

However, if a cancellation does need to happen for any other reason and isn’t rescheduled because our services aren’t required, the deposit won’t be refunded - unless agreed beforehand. On a similar note, any additional costs that have been incurred will also have to be met.

Types of services:

3D Mapping, Aerial Filming, Aerial Inspections, Aerial Photography, Agriculture, All Weather Drone, Archaeology, Construction, Emergency Services Support, Film Production, Filming over Water, Heavy Lift, Journalism, Large Events, Live Broadcasting, Marine, Night Flying, Nuclear, Photogrammetry, Promotional Footage, Property Marketing, Search and Rescue, Small Events, Sports Photography, Thermal Imagery, Training and Weddings.

PLEASE STOP using illegal drone operators that DO NOT have commercial drone insurance or CAA / IAA approval.  It is a criminal offence in both the UK and the ROI respectively to use a drone for commercial gain without CAA / IAA approval and insurance.

Our insurance is 5 Million Public liability.

Flying drones since 2014. UAV CAA Pilot number 847.